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Thank you for your interest in volunteering to help JDDC. Learn more about each of our volunteer opportunities below and how you can be a volunteer partner with Downtown Jackson!

Design Committee
The Design Committee is integral in the physical appearance of Downtown Jackson. This committee works towards rehabilitataing historical structures while also bringing forth ideas on developing new & improved construction.

Promotions Committee
Promotions works with all facets of major events or fundraisers held by JDDC. This committee helps recruit chairpersons, sponsors, and volunteers for all events; also manages the expenses for all events held by JDDC.

Economic Restructuring Committee

The ER Committee works to establish a program to recruit new business to Downtown Jackson. This committee develops incentives to promote downtown and organizes & updates marketing materials.

Organizations Committee

The Organization Committee works to present a new slate of officers and Board Members to JDDC. This committee is chaired by the immeadiate past president of the Board of Directors and will also review funding sources and investigate fundraising options, and create and execute fundraising plans.

Shannon St. MusicFest Committee
The Shannon Street Music Fest Committee works to make this annual event a success. The committee listens to and recommends artists for the festival, guarantees sponsorships for the festival, and manages the overall execution of the festival.




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